The Holy Scriptures


by: Wendell Winkler
publisher: Winkler Publications, Inc.

Synopsis: The second annual Fort Worth lectures. In this volume, the authors contend that the Bible is God’s full, final, all-sufficient, and judgmental revelation. The stated goals of this series are:
• to deepen our appreciation of the Bible • to enlarge our faith in its divine origin, power, all-sufficiency, finality and authoritativeness • to fortify our commitment to make it our constant companion and guide in all matters pertaining to faith and practice • to intensify our resolve to preach it and live it • to increase knowledge of its sacred contents • to make our ability to defend it more efficient.

Hardback: 336 pages


Table of Contents


  1. The Symbols of the Bible – Leroy Brownlow
  2. The Bible and Other Sacred Books – William Cline
  3. “The Word That I Have Spoken, the Same Shall Judge Him in the Last Day” – Willard Collins
  4. Wresting the Scriptures – Andrew M. Connally
  5. The Preservation and Indestructibility of the Bible – Frank J. Dunn
  6. Can We See the Bible Alike? – S.T.W. Gibbs, Jr.
  7. The All-Sufficiency and Finality of the Bible – Tom Holland
  8. “Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth” – V.E. Howard
  9. External Evidences for the Bible’s Inspiration: Archaeology – Bill Humble
  10. The Bible and the Genesis Account of Creation – Wayne Jackson
  11. Which Books Belong in the Bible? – Furman Kearley
  12. Alleged Contradictions of the Bible – Roy Lanier, Sr.
  13. The So-Called Immoralities of the Bible – Roy Lanier, Jr.
  14. Preach the Word – C.W. Lincoln
  15. Did the Catholic Church Give Us the Bible? – Joe Malone
  16. The Relevancy and Modernity of the Bible – J. Noel Merideth
  17. The Authority of the Bible – Goebel Music
  18. The Bible and Miracles – Flavil Nichols
  19. “My Heart Standeth in Awe of Thy Word” – Neale Pryor
  20. “Let Us Speak Where the Bible Speaks and Be Silent Where the Bible is Silent” – Johnny Ramsey
  21. The Lost Book – Foy Smith
  22. “Thy Word Have I Hid in My Heart – George Stephenson
  23. Inspiration of the Scriptures – Eldred Stevens
  24. The Bible and Family Devotions – Harold Taylor
  25. The Influence and Power of the Bible – Robert R. Taylor, Jr.
  26. What About Translations and Versions? – John Waddey
  27. “Thy Word is Truth” – Thomas B. Warren
  28. The Incarnate Word and the Written Word – You Cannot Separate Them – Ed Wharton
  29. II Timothy 3:15-17: Paul’s Classic Text on “The Holy Scriptures” – Wendell Winkler
  30. How to Study the Bible and Tools of Bible Study – Roy Deaver
  31. How We Got Our Bible – Neil Lightfoot
  32. Internal Evidences of the Bible’s Inspiration – Hugo McCord