Study Guide for “Prayer”


d&d Publishing is excited to announce the release of a Study Guide to Dan Winkler’s book, Something Happened When I Prayed. The Guide is designed to bring the book’s encouraging message to Bible classes and small group studies.

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The Study Guide Includes:

  • The physical booklet
  • Immediate access to a digital (PDF) version of the Study Guide
  • Twelve videos that go along with each lesson. Watch the videos directly from YouTube and Mathetis (Coming Soon), or purchase the DVD.

What’s Inside:

  • The study guide includes twelve lessons inspired by the book, “Something Happened When I Prayed.” This study is most successful when every student has a copy of the book to read on their own.
  • Each lesson comes includes a:
    • “Lesson Objective”
    • “Study Sheet” for students which includes:
      • “Study Starter” questions to simulate interest and discussion
      • “Study Harder” questions that will take the student to the corresponding pages in the book for answers
    • “Lesson Outline” for the teacher which includes:
      • Answers to the “Study Starter” questions
      • Suggestions on what to listen for in the video.
      • Answers to the “Study Harder” questions.
      • Additional thoughts and a memory verse.