Eternity in Four Words: Sin, Know, Love, Truth – A Study of 1 John, 2 John, 3 John & Jude



Table of Contents


  1. The Problem of “Sin”
  2. The Price of “Sin”
  3. The Preventives to “Sin”
  4. What Can We “Know” About Jesus?
  5. What Can We “Know” About God?
  6. What Can We “Know” About Eternal Life?
  7. The “Love” of God
  8. The Christian’s “Love” for His Brethren
  9. The Challenge of Misplaced “Love”
  10. The “Truths” of Which We Are Confident
  11. Enemies of The “Truth”
  12. The Acceptable Response to The “Truth”
  13. Eternity